Born in the South Pole (Uruguay). Based in the Sunshine State (Miami). 

I aim to create bespoke concepts and ideas that can improve the way we think as a collective society. I want viewers to feel emotions when they see my work. I try to do this by enhancing different sensations and provoking thoughts that challenge the way people see things.

 Music, art and plants help me stay sane. 

Personal projects: I am currently curating a unique Sound and My vision.

Dual Nationality - Italian/Uruguayan.  

 * Everything in my heart is so real




Graphis New Talent Annual 2019 - Chromashift

Creative Conscience - Chromashift


Future Lions Finalist - B.O.B.  

Top Dog Paw Miami Ad School - B.O.B.

Summit Creative Award - B.O.B.

Radio Mercury Awards - Altoids Quest

Creative Conscience - Snapcatch

Summit Creative Award -  Snapcatch

Vega Digital Award - Snapcatch

Creative Conscience - #5ForAddiction

Communication Arts - GAP - What love can do

Top Dog Paw Miami Ad School - Doggy Therapy


Top Dog Gold Miami Ad School - MINI Handles Life 

Top Dog Paw Miami Ad School - MINI Handles Life

TEAM Enterprises Winning Concept - MINI Handles Life

ACT Productions Winning Concept - NFL Beyond the Lines